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thinking out loud 2

There is one commonality that bullies do have, brute power. It is never about logic or reason but that “I am stronger than you”. In the eastern part of Nigeria, in the Igbo speaking area, a miscreant group parading themselves as IPOB, are enforcing a “sit at home order”. The idea is to cripple all commercial activities in the area. The poor and weak are the ones bearing the brunt of this dastardly act. They are only doing it because the weak are unable to challenge them.

In the same way, Some Islamic clerics in Kwara state Nigeria are telling Osun worshippers not to celebrate their festival because “Ilorin the state capital is an Islamic town”. So should Christians forfeit Christmas celebration in Ilorin? The only reason they are getting away with it is because the Osun worshippers are very few in numbers.

In a country that guarantees freedom of worship and association, there is no justification for these acts only of course when you are a bully