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Is Hamas a terrorist organisation? The answer is obviously yes, By the act of October 7, there is no other label you can ascribe to that organisation but a terrorist one. The operation Hamas engaged on that day, killing innocent people was dastardly. But Hamas is not a recognised body within the space of a civil society.  They are considered unreasonable, unconscionable and uncivilised. In that case, are we surprised at the conduct of October 7 operation?

Now let us consider the response of the state of Israel.  Do you kill a mosquito with a machine gun? How you consider bombing an act of self defense is beyond me. Bombing is an offensive act. When it is done indiscriminately, it is done for purpose of sowing fear. In that case you are as guilty as the other side for the act of terrorism.

I know it is a serious blow to have 1400 of your people killed without provocation. The tendency for revenge will be very high on the agenda, but how many must you kill to be satisfied? The whole of Palestinian people? After killing more than 10000 Palestinians, and destroyed all infrastructures of life, you are not better than Hamas in conduct.

Let it be clear that I don’t believe that Hamas can be eradicated as long as the condition that gave birth to it persist. It is 1400 in 2023, the next time may be worse of. It is time initiatives for lasting peace is embarked upon where all sides are considered humans.