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Which way forward?

thinking out loud 2

There came a call to emergency line of a Black man causing a disturbance in an Ottawa neighbourhood two days ago. Of course the Police responded as expected. This time around with so much police shooting of unarmed Blacks in the news the Ottawa police made sure their guns were not engaged. What was important for them is the manifestation of usual outcome. And that they got. The Black man was dead few hours later after his head has been smashed on the pavement few times. As the Black community we will also be expecting the usual outcome of impending investigation that the officers are not guilty. Then of course we will be outraged of the injustice for few days and then go back to work and patiently wait for the inevitable next Black person to be sacrificed. Late Ursula Franklin once said “Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.” Please my people, will the Black people ever be at peace?