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African leaders have disappointed

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of South Sudan’s independence. How elated I was five years ago compared to sadness am feeling right now. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with Africa that we deliberately destroy ourselves. In 1980 as a young lad, the independence of Zimbabwe to my generation was like finally Africa was now coming of age. We are all witnesses to the unfolding disaster taking place there now. The coming out of Mandela from prison signified to us human capacity to triumph over any obstacles that may come our way. His years as President was a gesture beyond ordinary understanding. Truth and reconciliation committee he formed was able to bridge the gap between one time enemies. His exit has brought out the worst of South Africans. They have now embarked on a journey to medieval times. Translated into xenophobes and armed with sledge hammers anything modern has got to go. Nigeria is disappointment of gargantuan proportions. Boko Haram, Niger delta militants, OPC, Bakassi touts, Biafra secessionists’ etc. Insult upon injury is the corruption buffet style within the elites. The country is merely a geographical expression. Congo, Kenya, and a host of others really have nothing to celebrate about. May be am missing something, can somebody please tell me about an African nation worth celebrating?