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Fighting evil is a community task

thinking out loud 2

Our world got darker yesterday with the dastardly act in France. Another occasion of questioning why? But no answer. It just doesn’t make sense yet it is becoming repetitive it may become the new normal. Airports, Malls, Churches, Mosques, Parks, Hotels, Restaurants, you name it could become a terror park anytime. Something has got to be done to stop this. This are no longer governments’ issues, but humanity in crisis. The narrative of Islamic fundamentalist on the prowl is no longer tenable because so far the wake of destruction and deaths have been indiscriminate. It is time to be proactive and flush out elements of terror. These people are not from outer space, they are brothers, sisters, nephew, nieces and family members among us. They don’t act in a vacuum, there are always pointers to impending calamities. We must all rise to the occasion and foil this acts before it takes place. The life you might be saving may be yours or your loved ones. Do not forget “Evil triumph because good people do nothing