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Leadership must be exemplary

thinking out loud 2

That times hard in every part of the world is an understatement. People are very much discontent with their situations and for being much ready to put the blame on governments should not be a surprise to anybody. We see these manifestations in outcomes like Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. Nigeria is not immune to this and maybe probably worse off. Compounded to these troubled times are inept leaders in charge of the country’s destiny. For one year I have watched in dismay how seemingly lost the new administration has been operating. I do not have a problem with most of the policies coming out of the executive branch while the other tiers are simply a joke. Yet the executive need to be mindful that governance is largely on ability to inspire followers. With the body language of Buhari and Osibajo at this point in time, it is an inspiration to take a nap. It is possible to tell a hungry man to fast if he is inspired. APC’s clamour for change must start from the inside before translating outside. Time is fast running out for the present administration if they don’t put their acts together quickly. Half a word is enough for the wise.