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Chamber of dishonor

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If the statements accredited to Senator Dino Melaye were actually uttered on the floor of the Nigerian Senate, then indeed this is really a sorry period for Nigerians and the Nigerian state. Though I have no reason to doubt the report which I read on Sahara reporters, but I will still like to give a benefit of doubt to the Senator. To quote part of the statement from Senator Melaye, “Look this is not Bourdillon (the Lagos residence of Mrs. Tinubu’s politician husband, APC National Leader Ahmed Bola Tinubu). I will beat you up…impregnate you and nothing will happen.” That Mr. Melaye uttered those words is not a concern for me based on his past associations with other women. The response of the Hollowed chamber is my problem. I have not made any comment on this, waiting for the response of the esteemed upper legislative body. Since no response is forthcoming I guess for me to construed that silence means agreement in this regard is not misinterpretation.
It is a shame that a nation like ours, Nigeria, could have degenerated to this level to be having this kind of people as Senators. To have kept mute in the face of such outburst is not only cowardice, it is a badge of dishonor. Nigerians should be outraged and made known. It is normal for disagreements to occur between people, but the manner it is expressed speaks volumes. Mr. Melaye lacks judgement to be a Senator. While it is good for loyalty among friends, it should not be willfully blinded but based on sound principle. Melaye’s loyalty to Saraki is willful blindness based on ignorance and stupidity.