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Finding meaning to celebration

thinking out loud 2

Well Toronto Caribbean festival has come and gone again. We should be looking forward to next year 2017 which should be very grand since that would be its 50th year. But let us take pulse and ask one simple question, what is the festival for anyway? What is the benefit for the Caribbean community?
This is what entails right now. Half or quarterly clad males and females running round the streets of Toronto for 12 hours dancing to calypso music. And then, em yes they go dance again at night clubs for a few more hours. And then they go eat and sleep. And then they go home.
What is this supposed to mean? This is surely not Caribbean culture. This could not have been the idea of the founders. Many of the revellers cannot even point to the Caribbean islands on the map. With a million visitors coming to town and with loads of money, how does it impact financially on the Afro Caribbean community? We cannot go into the 50th year with this same mentality. Next year it must be meaningful by being educational and financially beneficial to Afro Caribbean community.