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The great white hope?

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The American political shenanigan is nothing more than a drowning man clawing to anything he could hold onto. This reminds me of a heavyweight title fight in 1982 between Larry Holmes and the “great white hope” Gerry Cooney. The white America could not stomach the dominance of Blacks in boxing arena that when they saw something with semblance of a champion they were willing to rally behind him. Cooney threw in the towel in the 13th round after being viciously pummeled by Larry Holmes. The truth was that “the great white hope” was not deserving of a championship bout when he was forced on Larry Holmes. At least the whites made a gamble.
This is exactly what is playing out in America political landscape. For eight years they have endured that man in the white house. It was an unbearable torture. For eight years the seeds of discord have been germinating and about to blossom. The next occupier of White house must be a white male. Donald Trump has all the qualities for the next “great white hope”. He is prepared to build wall against Mexicans, ban Muslims from America and put the Blacks in their place among many things. So what else could a white man wish for? It is a gamble they are willing to take.
Well let it be clear the same way Cooney failed so would Trump fails.